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A Message From The Owner

Hi there! 

My name is Branden Thorne and I am the Owner of ZENova Massage, America's #1 Corporate Chair Massage Company. I've been a licensed Massage Therapist since 2011and me and my team have been helping companies just like yours show their employees appreciation through on-site chair massage. 

The Problem: 

In my personal practice, I've worked with thousands of clients to include the Philadelphia Eagles Football Team as well as the top weekend warriors in the US, and you know what I've learned? Stress at work is a major issue in the workplace no matter the type of organization!  Many of my clients over the years have said that work is their number one stressor. It's rarely an issue of the type of work, it's usually in regard to the vibe of the office. I've asked countless times, what so bad? They often respond that they just don't feel appreciated. 

The Solution:

Attack the source! We send fully-vetted, licensed massage therapist to companies just like yours to promote a stress-free work enviornement. Small perks like this can make a  huge impact and if done consitently can help to promote long-term positive changes towards good company culture initiatives.   

Why does chair massage make you the office hero?


· It promotes a stress free work environment 

· It Boosts Morale

· It makes your staff feel like you care 

· It is a great low cost Employee Wellness Program Idea

· It is a competitive Employee Benefit or Perk to recruit and retain top talent 

· It encourages camaraderie, excitement and productivity

· It enables your staff to adapt to high workloads and deadlines by decreasing feelings of anxiety and tension

We have a passion for reducing stress in the work place as well as helping employees become more engaged and productive. When stress levels are lowered, people are happier and they tend to do a better job. 

This is a unique perk that people truly rave about. People are all about wellness now a days and this serves an excellent employer branding strategy for companies of all sizes. 

Looking forward to working with you soon! 

Branden Thorne


Licensed Massage Therapist

What is Corporate Chair Massage?

Mobile Massage Therapy at Work


We are ZENova Massage, your Corporate Chair Massage Company. As your onsite chair massage provider, we send a corporate massage therapist team to your office to perform fully clothed chair massage sessions.

We offer corporate massage therapy for corporate events, trade shows, employee appreciation day, private events, teacher appreciation day, nurses week, and more!

We work with our clients (not for our clients) to support common corporate initiatives that aim to, increase employee engagement, improve team morale, boost employee productivity, reduce stress at work and promote good company culture.

We are a Corporate Wellness Company specializing in Corporate Chair Massage. All of our Therapists have 8 years of experience and are licensed and dedicated to providing a professional wellness experience for your staff and clients. 


Office Massage Benefits



  • Show Employee Appreciation
  • Reduce Stress At Work 
  • Boost Team Morale 
  • Improve Employee Engagement 
  • Promote Workplace Wellness 
  • Increase Productivity 
  • Reduce Employee Turnover

Chair Massage Benefits



  • Relieve Stress
  • Shoulder Pain Relief 
  • Reduce Anxiety 
  • Promote Relaxation 
  • Sleep Better 
  • Relieve Tension Headaches 
  • Increase Range Of Motion

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